Triplets Riesling Collection

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Triplets Collection

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Triplets Collection + $10 Gift Card
Triplets Collection + DVD
CLUB Triplets Collection + $10 Gift Card
CLUB Triplets Collection + DVD

Your Brooks Triplets Collection Includes:

  • 1 bottle – 2015 Glacier Riesling
  • 1 bottle – 2015 Ocean Riesling
  • 1 bottle – 2015 Basalt Riesling
  • American Wine Story DVD -or- $10 Gift Card
  • Packed in our Logo Gift Box

It’s Time to Geek Out to Riesling

To help answer the question, “Is it the land or the hand?,” each year Brooks Winery, Tristaetum Winery, and Chehalem Winery partake in a trade…a riesling trade.

How does it work? In our case, we provide one barrel’s worth of our estate fruit to each of the other two wineries. In turn, they each provide us with one barrel from their vineyards. In the end, we each have three barrels of vineyard-designate wines and each winemaker has at it.

Chris, our winemaker, gets to impart his style upon three very distinct soil types: Basalt (Brooks’ lava), Ocean (Chehalem’s marine soil), and Glacier (Tristaetum’s sedimentary).

The result? Well, you decide! The fun is finding common charactertics in uniquely different wines.