wine CEllar looking a little bare?

Start the New Year off right with these perennial Brooks favorites!

Start the new year with the whole family (or team!) ?

Bring the magic of Brooks to you with a Brooks Virtual Tasting. A perfect way to come together in 2022, for wine lovers and novices alike.

Gather & Feast

winter warmers

Cozy up by the fire and enjoy this 3-bottle bundle of wines that warm the soul.

Gather & Feast

gather & Feast

This 6-bottle bundle has all of your holiday wine needs covered! Gather and feast this holiday season and leave the wine to us!

Single Vineyard & Ready to Mingle Pinot

single (vineyard) & ready to mingle Pinot Noirs

Get out there and have some fun with this 3-bottle bundle of single vineyard Pinot Noirs!

The Icebreaker

the icebreaker

Break the ice with this 3-bottle bundle, perfect for introducing a friend to Willamette Valley wines!