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2017 Temperance Hill Pinot Noir

Powerful complexity with penetrating notes of Chelan cherries, red raspberry bramble and anise. Excellent balance with a long, lingering finish.

Elegant Entertaining

Throw an elegant wine and cheese party this holiday season with this bundle of Brooks wines and Rogue Creamery cheeses!

2018 Janus Pinot Noir

Red fruit driven, with elegant floral notes on the nose and warm spice notes of clove oil and cinnamon bark on the finish. A beautifully balanced and approachable Pinot Noir.

2016 Janus Pinot Noir MAGNUM

Lively acidity and structured tannins frame notes of vibrant dragon plum, elderberry tea, rose stem, fresh turmeric, porcini, tarragon, and tobacco leaf with a long, earthy finish.


Tuna and Temperance

Tuna and Temperance

Dear Friends, I hope you have had a great week and enjoying a relaxing summer. I hope too you are staying safe from COVID. The weather is bringing lots of challenges to farming and our hospitality. It is supposed to be over 100 for three days again this week. If we aren’t pivoting from COVID,…

The Seasons Are Changing and so Are the Wines!

The Seasons Are Changing and so Are the Wines!

Dear Friends, The rain has begun in Amity which is greatly welcomed since all the fruit in the door and after the dry winter, spring and summer seasons we had. This is a time of year where the production team looks towards rest and the hospitality team is gearing up for a busy holiday season…

Of Pressing Importance

Of Pressing Importance

Dear Friends, I hope you have had an excellent week. Thank you to all for the birthday wishes. I spent the day eating out for lunch and dinner with my husband and daughter. During COVID, I cannot remember the last time I ate two meals out in one day. It was nice to spend that…


Dear Friends, I hope this finds you all healthy and safe. Looking back at last week when I wrote my email, I was still feeling like the rug had been pulled out from under me. My focus was narrow and it was on the business and our team. A week has gone by and I…