A Dear Friend Of Jimi’s And A Thank You!


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Jimi Started In Beer

We all think of our founder, Jimi Brooks, as a trailblazer in wine but did you know his first involvement in making alcoholic beverages was in beer? One of his first jobs was at McMenamin’s, a popular, now large chain, of brewpubs throughout Oregon. It was at this job that Jimi met Lynn Medoff, the sister of Lee Medoff. Jimi and Lynn were dating and Lynn told her brother, Lee, that he and Jimi would really like each other as they disliked all of the same things and they would have a lot to rant about. So Lee and Jimi met and as Lee said, referring to their first double date, “We spent our first meeting at dinner ignoring our dates and solving all of the world’s problems.”  Jimi and Lee became dear, close friends throughout high school, college, and adult life. After Jimi moved to Europe, Lee regularly received letters from him and went to Europe to see him a few times. 

Their friendship led Lee to be interviewed in the documentary American Wine Story. The film includes many of Jimi’s close friends, his son, Pascal, and myself all recalling our memories of Jimi, the shock and sadness of the day he unexpectedly passed away as well as how the legacy of Brooks has continued. Twelve other winemakers are included telling their stories of how they gave up their day jobs to pursue their dream of making wine.

Lee Medoff, Founder of Bull Run Distillery and dear friend of Jimi’s.

Like Jimi, Lee is a trailblazer in the alcohol world but in spirits. He is the owner and founder of Bull Run Distillery in Portland. If you want to meet Lee, hear some Jimi stories, and enjoy Bull Run Spirits made in Brooks wine barrels, don’t miss the April Beyond Brooks! We will be mixing cocktails with the spirits and wines that come in your package too!

This is well beyond (pun intended) a typical Beyond Brooks as you will get to know Jimi that much better!

Only 1 Week left to purchase this event!

Please note, shipping of spirits is not available in some States. The States that can be shipped to are listed on the website.

First Access to the 2021 Amycas!

The 2021 Amycas white blend has been Wine Club only since we released it in February. It will be Wine Club only when we are down to the last of the vintage. In between, it will be available to the general public and included on our flight in the tasting room as of April 1. It likely will not last through the summer as it is already ⅓ gone! It is the perfect summer sipper. Right now is a great shipping temperature window across the country which only happens a few months out of the year. The Amycas is also perfect for Easter. So many reasons to enjoy the Amycas. We have been making this wine since 1999 and it is a crowd-pleaser for sure!

Wine Club discounts ranging from 10-25% apply! Cheers!