Why We Love 2019 and Some Fun Facts

Harvest, one of the most energetic times of the year. Soooo anticipated. Anyone who has worked one knows it is HARD work and a lot of it. There is so much you learn about a vintage from bud break to bloom. Throughout the season, you are proactive and responding to Mother Nature (and yes, she deserves the stature of capital letters). The goal of those decisions is to ensure the grapes you produce are the perfect fruit at picking time. [...]

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How it Feels to be a Top 100 Winery

Dear Friends, Wine scores are a complicated matter. Different wineries have different goals for either submitting or not submitting wines. The review process for each magazine/reviewer is different. When the person reviewing the wine changes, so can the palate behind the review. So what is the strategy for Brooks? One of the primary reasons we submit wines is not for the scores alone but, more importantly, to keep the people reviewing the wine up-to-date on what we are doing. Continuity [...]

The Legacy Continues

(Part 1 - The Day Jimi Passed Away) I arrived at his house in McMinnville around 10pm. It was filled with people, the vast majority of which I did not know. Overwhelmed and anxious, I looked for, and finally found, Pascal and his mom, Bozena. The three of us escaped the crowd and went into Jimi’s office. Silence. Shock. There were few words exchanged. Bozena and I clearly knew the reality of the situation but Pascal, just 8 years old, [...]

The Day Jimi Passed Away

It was 9:13 on Saturday morning, September 4, 2004.  I had just woken up, which is odd for me as I am an early riser but I must have needed the rest.  My husband let me know he had to run into the office for a bit, said it was beautiful outside and suggested we make something fun for dinner.  I love to cook so it sounded like a great idea. I went to the kitchen, made some coffee, [...]

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When Pascal met Pascal

Jimi, my brother and our founder, developed his passion for making wine in the Beaujolais region of France from 1990-1995. I always knew that his time there was extremely important to him, but had no context, local color, or stories to share. After his passing, for whatever reason, I was unable to reach out to the family for which he worked. So, I put it on the back burner, thinking of it often, but never actually acting on it. [...]

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