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Party Crashers!

Dear Friends: Time seems to be going faster and faster as we are all starting to reopen. Please error on the side of caution. The safer we are, the more successful we will all be. Brooks will be opening up by reservation only on June 1. A separate email will go out to share the…
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To B or Not To B?

Our team party in January after our annual planning meeting sharing 2019 results and setting 2020 goals.

A Silver Lining

Dear Friends, As we navigate through this current time, hopefully we are finding silver linings. They help to bring us hope and to find good during difficult times. Hopefully you are already finding some.  I know i am! For those of you that don’t know Pascal, I want to introduce you to a silver lining from…
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The Circles of Our Community

Dear Friends,  It was a much more productive week as we continue to navigate through these times. My key takeaway and the reason for the Circle of Community theme is that getting through this is all about our relationships–with you, our wonderful supporters, our trade partners in restaurants and retailers though out the US and beyond,…
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Brooks Vineyard Sunset

Riesling is Bad Ass, Part Deux

Riesling is the ONLY grape varietal that has an international organization to support it and a self-proclaimed overlord.

vintage wine bottles

Riesling is Bad Ass

As an adjective, “badass” is defined as: Tough, uncompromising, intimidating. At Brooks, we have built our brand around our commitment to Riesling. So why do we think these terms best describe this noble grape?

scenic photo of yellow vineyards

Why We Love 2019 and Some Fun Facts

There is so much you learn about a vintage from bud break to bloom. Throughout the season, you are proactive and responding to Mother Nature (and yes, she deserves the stature of capital letters).