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In September of 2004, at the age of 38, Jimi Brooks unexpectedly passed away as Harvest was about to begin. A group of Jimi’s friends selflessly donated their skill, time, and passion to make Jimi’s 2004 wines in his signature style. 

For our 20th anniversary, we celebrate those winemakers with a number of special events and monthly programming. Welcome to The Legacy Series.

How I Met Jimi
A Legacy Series Compilation
My Favorite Memory of Jimi
A Legacy Series Compilation
Laurent Montalieu, Soléna Estate
Harry Peterson-Nedry, RR Wines
Jay Somers, J. Christopher Winery

Patty Green, Patricia Green Cellars
David Autrey and Amy Wesselman, Westrey Winery
Josh Bergstrom, Bergstrom Winery
Steve Doerner, Cristom Vineyard
Jim Prosser, J.K. Carriere
Luisa Ponzi, Ponzi Vineyards
Cheryl Francis & Sam Tannahill, A to Z Wineworks, REX HILL
Moe Momtazi, Maysara Winery
Tad Seestedt, Ransom Wine & Spirits

HARVEST 2004: A true Oregon winemaking collaboration

an All-star cast

When Jimi unexpectedly passed away in September of 2004, the fruit he had contracted from 11 vineyards were only days from being ready to harvest. The following friends, (who all happen to be some of Oregon’s best and brightest vintners) graciously came forward to donate their time and energy by taking separate lots of grapes and carrying on the tradition of making beautiful Riesling and Pinot Noir – Brooks style! We really can’t think of a more inspiring and heartfelt gesture.

Our warmest and most sincere thanks to:

  • Chris Williams, Momtazi (now with Brooks)
  • David Autrey and Amy Wesselman,Westrey
  • Harry Peterson-Nedry, Chehalem
  • Jay Somers, J Christopher
  • Jim Prosser, J.K. Carriere
  • Josh Bergström, Bergström
  • Laurent Montalieu, Solena Cellars
  • Luisa Ponzi, Ponzi Vineyards
  • Patty Green, Patricia Green Cellars
  • Sam Tannahill and Cheryl Francis, Francis-Tannahill
  • Steve Doerner, Cristom
  • Tad Seestedt, Ransom Wine

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