Our Mission

Peace, Bread, Land, Wine. Words you’ll see on our bottles and across the brand. Brooks is the living legacy of Jimi Brooks. In ways big and small, we continue to embrace his strong commitment to Biodynamic® farming, his gentle approach to winemaking and his excitement for the Willamette Valley.


Inclusivity, caring and social responsibility are core principles of Brooks. Look after the people and they’ll look after you. These are the principles that Brooks was founded on over 20 years ago and they are guiding us today.

First, be kind.

Treat others with dignity and kindness.
Be a good friend.
Travel the world.
Learn lessons from other cultures, and bring them home.
Be good to the land and the harvest it bears.
Have fun and truly live life.
Toast good friends, whether here or passed.

Make space for everyone

Whether it’s opening our Tasting Room each Sunday morning for Free Yoga, showing our guests some down home comfort on Pizza Fridays, or hosting one of a kind Dinners, we strive to create a space where everyone feels welcome.

This extends not just to guests but our people, many of whom have been with us for years. This means that you’re sure to see a familiar face when you walk in the door.

Foster community

Wine is about friends, family, long lunches, and loud dinners. Or, at least, that’s what we believe at Brooks.

One of our goals has always been to offer exceptional experiences for every wine lover, regardless of your level of expertise. So whether it’s touring the world with Janie, or hopping on our ATV to learn a little more about the land, we welcome you to be a part of our community.

These are our commitments to Jimi’s vision of peace, and we honor these intentions daily in ways big and small.


We feel you should feed the body to nourish the soul. Locally sourcing the ingredients that grace your plate means they are fresh, nutritionally dense, and environmentally responsible while supporting local, sustainable business.

Brooks is committed to providing the best culinary experiences in the Willamette Valley. Our organic garden supplies our kitchen with herbs, vegetables, and cut flowers. Our eggs come from our friendly chickens who are fed organically. Anything we can’t get on the grounds is sourced locally.

Watch Chef Norma prepare dishes from Brooks


“Be good to the land and the harvest it bears.” The land is the secret ingredient that makes Brooks a special place. Caring for it is our deepest honor and our most important job. We continually strive improve the land with every vintage creating more vitality and biodiversity year-on-year.

As a Demeter Certified Biodynamic® vineyard, we focus on the land’s natural resources and eliminate the use of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or fungicides. We constantly work to create a self-sustaining vineyard with a self-sustaining habitat that can protect the vines and allow them to produce higher quality fruit.

Learn what it means to be Biodynamic


Everything we do at Brooks leads to this: consistently offering ageworthy wines that represent the best of our vineyards, our people, and our practices.

We are committed to producing exquisite wines without manipulation, and over 20 years of working toward this commitment has paid off. To reap the inherent benefits of vine age, clone, vineyard aspect and elevation, we work with select vineyards throughout the region. All Pinot Noir is destemmed and cold soaked; all whites go straight to press.

In the winery, we use small lot fermenters and keep the components separate until right before blending, and our wines gain from native fermentation on all Pinot Noirs, all estate fruit and most whites. Then we use the coolest fermentation temperatures possible. Finally, our Reds are finished in French Oak, while our whites are all made in stainless steel.

The result of these winemaking decisions? Wines with style and balance, that you can confidently drink, serve, and share.

Brightly colored watercolor illustration of Planet Earth

From commitment to action.

You can’t help but see the results of our philosophy and practices in each and every bottle of Brooks wine. To the guests, shoppers, drinkers, sharers, and friends who support us in our mission, we thank you.

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