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Discover what makes Brooks a winery you can’t help but love.

Our winery is offering daily local wine delivery and curbside pickup for wine AND food!

We want to do what we can to continue to uphold our commitments to you, our beloved community so we have come up with the following ways to bring Brooks to you:


Beginning Friday, April 3rd we will be firing up the wood fire pizza oven from 2pm to 6pm. Curbside pickup is free with no minimum AND we will deliver within 10 miles of the winery ($50 food/wine minimum for delivery). We can’t wait for you and your family to try our amazing pizzas!
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Brooks is one of those wineries that you can't help but like.

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our Pinot Noirs

Pinot Noir expresses its terroir so precisely, we kept making more! Brooks now has over two dozen different options to showcase all the Pinot can be.

our Rieslings

Did you know Brooks produces more Rieslings that any other winery in America? Let us show you why Brooks Rieslings have earned a following.

hidden gems

Superb wines for the wine explorer and curious drinker.