2018 Sunny Mountain Pinot Noir

A big and complex Pinot Noir with ripe notes of dark and red fruits that give way to warm, spice notes of myrrh and orange oil.

2018 Muska Pinot Noir

A lush, full-bodied Pinot Noir with notes of luxardo cherry, pomegranate reduction, rose petal, and a long, sage salt finish.

2017 Sunny Mountain Pinot Noir

Lighter in color with good tannin structure and a long finish. This Pinot Noir is incredibly complex, laced with notes of herbs, spices and dark red fruits.

2017 Johan Vineyard Pinot Noir

A lighter Pinot Noir with old world notes of hibiscus, sage salt, sandalwood and Chinese five spice, begging to be paired with a decadent and hearty dish.

2018 Johan Vineyard Pinot Noir

An elegant red-fruited Pinot Noir, rich and full on the palate with layers of dark cherries and a lengthy, sea salt finish.

2017 Toluca Lane Pinot Noir duplicate

This Pinot Noir is SO GOOD! Super concentrated and intense notes of cherry cola, rose petal and crushed rocks.

Pinot Noir Soil

Enjoy these three wines side by side and taste the difference: 2018 Sunny Mountain Pinot Noir–mostly marine sedimentary soils which result in riper, broader style of wine, big mouthfeel and darker fruits. 2018 Johan Pinot Noir–Glacial deposit loam soils producing fewer fruit flavors and more savory and chalkiness texture. 2018 Toluca Lane Pinot Noir–from Volcanic…

2017 Crannell Pinot Noir duplicate

An incredible Pinot Noir with a sweet nose of salted caramel and brûlée notes, it’s perfectly balanced and velvety on the palate.

2018 Terue Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir from the Columbia Gorge is lush with generous notes of mixed dark berries in perfect harmony with earthy notes of graphite, forest floor and chanterelle.

2018 Janus Pinot Noir

Red fruit driven, with elegant floral notes on the nose and warm spice notes of clove oil and cinnamon bark on the finish. A beautifully balanced and approachable Pinot Noir.

2018 Rastaban Pinot Noir

Gorgeous Black fruit brambly notes on the nose, well integrated tannin and an old world black peppercorn and graphite finish.