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How it Feels to be a Top 100 Winery

The list of the Top 100 was released Friday, September 20th. It was then that we found out that of the Top 100, 36 were from the US, NINE of which are from Oregon! So proud of our Oregon wineries for representing so well!

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The Legacy Continues

I arrived at his house in McMinnville around 10pm. It was filled with people, the vast majority of which I did not know. Overwhelmed and anxious, I looked for, and finally found, Pascal and his mom, Bozena.

Jimi Brooks with family

The Day Jimi Passed Away

Confusion, emotion, disbelief, and panic set in.  I was in California.  I needed to get to Oregon. The next hours, days and weeks that went by were blurry to say the least.

Jimi Brooks with family

When Pascal met Pascal

Jimi, my brother and our founder, developed his passion for making wine in the Beaujolais region of France from 1990-1995. I always knew that his time there was extremely important to him, but had no context, local color, or stories to share.

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Digging in the Dirt

As a Biodynamic vineyard, we get a lot of questions about our soil practices. Since we think this is a practice that can benefit your garden at home, we wanted to share some details.