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A Life Lesson Turned Tradition

Dear Friends, I hope this finds you safe, healthy and hopeful! For the past 15 years, this Sunday, the Sunday of the International Pinot Noir Celebration, would find me and hundreds of others exhausted after the 3 day celebration. Exhausted, in a good way. It is a true celebration of the love of Pinot Noir,…
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Let's Celebrate Dad!

Let’s Celebrate Dad!

Dear Friends, Thank you all for your responses last week. I am happy to report that many of our team completed the course developed by Starbucks and Arizona State University on To Be Welcoming Note, this course is complimentary so if you have a business or other groups that you want to share it…
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Let’s Do Better

Dear Friends, My daily mantra is “head down, work hard and worry about what you can control.” Often, there are instances that arise that pull me out of that mode and teach me what I don’t know. The most recent prompt for action came from this email last week. This quote is so fitting for…
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Party Crashers!

Dear Friends: Time seems to be going faster and faster as we are all starting to reopen. Please error on the side of caution. The safer we are, the more successful we will all be. Brooks will be opening up by reservation only on June 1. A separate email will go out to share the…
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