Dirt Matters

Dirt Matters


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Dear Friends,

I arrived in the Willamette Valley late Tuesday night and woke up to this sky and vineyard covered in beautiful golden leaves. It has been a good first week. Harvest is past us and the focus now is on finishing the aromatic whites wines. We are all so eager to have Amycas and Pinot Blanc coming back soon…well not soon enough but March will be here before we know it!

I am so glad many of you enjoyed the discussion of Pinot Noir clones last week. This week it is all about the soil. It matters too.

Some exciting news coming later this week! Make sure to tune in.

Happy Sunday!

Soil Matters

There are many types of soil in wine regions across the world. Here in the Willamette Valley, there are four main soil types that were created up to 200 million years ago back when the Pacific Ocean went all the way to Idaho. 

See the Soils

Four different soil types and their descriptions.

Taste the Soils

Pinot Noir reflects the soil type it is grown on more transparently than any other red grape varietal. Thus, we love to source fruit from different vineyards that have different soil types. It just so happens that 3 of our new 2018 releases are from different soils and you can taste the difference!

Three bottles of Brooks Red Wine in front of a red couch.

Enjoy these three wines side by side and taste the difference:

  • 2018 Sunny Mountain Pinot Noir–mostly marine sedimentary soils which result in riper, broader style of wine, big mouthfeel and darker fruits.
  • 2018 Johan Pinot Noir–Glacial deposit loam soils producing milder fruit flavors and more savory, chalky notes.
  • 2018 Toluca Lane Pinot Noir–from volcanic basalt soIls producing plush red-fruited flavors with higher acidity.

3 pack bundle is $165. Wine Club discounts will apply.

Drink the Soils

November Perfect Pairing

Warm and delicious, this month’s perfect pairing is braised rabbit with delicata squash, tomato and kale. It has brought joy and delight to so many in the tasting room this first week of November!

Get the Recipe

It is blustery and wet here in Oregon but it is a welcome change after a dry, hot summer. Enjoy your week.

Reach out if I can be of help. janie@brookswine.com and cell is 831-238-4828.