Leprechauns, Grizzly Bears, and Red Letter Days


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My brother, Jimi, the founder of Brooks was quite the character. Since his passing in 2004, I have heard him described in so many ways, not to mention I have heard endless stories. It wasn’t until last week, while being interviewed for the Drinking On The Job Podcast, that I heard him described as a leprechaun trapped in the body of a grizzly bear. That totally resonates with me! He was 6’2″ with a large build but a gentle soul. He was always up to fun sprinkled with a little mischief. Did he have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I would say yes, as we see rainbows all the time at Brooks. They are fondly known as “Jimbows“. 

Tomorrow, March 7th, Jimi would have been 56 years old. 

During our 20-year anniversary celebration of Brooks, we interviewed the twelve winemakers that made our vintage when Jimi passed. We compiled the answers from 2 questions that were asked to all of them. Both videos are a great way to get to know Jimi:

How I Met Jimi
My Favorite Memory of Jimi

Jimi Lived Every Day Like A Red Letter Day

A Red Letter day is a day of significance. While Jimi only enjoyed 38 years among us, he definitely lived each day by this mantra. On the decade anniversaries of Brooks, 2008 and 2018, we crafted a special wine to honor Jimi. It has grapes from the three vineyards Jimi farmed during his career in the Willamette Valley: WillaKenzie Estate, Momtazi, and Brooks. Lucky for us, this wine is available to celebrate Jimi. Cheers!

Kiss The Ground Brings Hope For The Climate

Since 2019, we have donated 1% of our revenue to the environmental nonprofit, Kiss The Ground. Educationally based, they are leading the charge of how we can positively impact the climate through healthy farming from large parcels down to how we garden at home. 

Join Kiss The Ground founder, Ryland Engelhart, myself, and Master of Wine, Bree Stock, as we break down how each and every one of us can be a part of the climate solution. 

This is the LAST chance to join us for Beyond Brooks on March 19th, 2022. 

Bundle of wines, gardening knife, and herb kit for March Beyond Brooks with Kiss the Ground.

This bundle includes:

Please note, this event is recorded and shared with purchasers who are unable to attend.