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Loyalty Points are live!


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We are excited to let you know we have implemented a new Loyalty Point Program adding value to every dollar you spend with us at Brooks! Here is how it works:

Different Ways to Earn Points

  • You earn loyalty points with EVERY purchase at Brooks! This includes wine, food, events, experiences, clothing, wine glasses, and even gift cards!
  • Purchases in the tasting room AND on the website earn points.
  • There will be special days throughout the year that we will increase the points you can earn on that day so stay tuned. 

How to Redeem Points

  • Points can be redeemed on ALL purchases. This includes all wine purchases (except Wine Club shipments), food, events, experiences, clothing, wine glasses, and even gift cards!
  • You can redeem points for up to 50% of the purchase amount.
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed for purchases in the tasting room or on the website.

Other Things to Know

  • There are different levels of loyalty points (Friends Tier and Family Tier).  The Family tier earns points at a faster rate than the Friends Tier. You qualify for the Family tier if you spent more than $500 at Brooks in 2021. To stay in this tier, you will need to spend at least $500 each calendar year.
  • Points are not earned on shipping and taxes. 
  • Loyalty points NEVER EXPIRE!
  • You have a new tab in your profile where you can see your points and your tier level. Log in and check it out!

Earn more points faster by joining the Wine Club

  • You automatically earn 2,500 points on your annual Wine Club anniversary!
  • You earn $50 worth of points when you refer a new Wine Club Member.
  • Announcing Wine Club Wednesdays–earn 50% more points when purchasing on the website AND in the tasting room on all Wednesdays!
  • Wine Club Members qualify to top earnings levels (bronze, silver, and gold) based on what Wine Club they are in. The greatest points are earned in the 12-bottle club.

Questions? Suggestions? Let us know!

It is our true pleasure to launch this program as a thank you for your loyalty to Brooks! To learn more, please reach out to