Pairings, People and Planet

Pairings, People and Planet


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Dear Friends,

It was a great first week of being reopened. As you can imagine, the demand for reservations is higher than ever. It has been great to see so many friends again. Reservations are required and if you are looking for a weekend spot, booking a week in advance will be the best option!

Farming…..It continues to be hot in Oregon. The rain during flowering in June has reduced our yields for this vintage and, sadly, the triple-digit temperatures did burn some of our Riesling leaves. Fire season has begun both here in California and in Southern Oregon. Efforts centered on good farming as discussed throughout the movie Kiss The Ground and the work Kiss The Ground is doing with education such as their Regenerative Home Gardening class that Brooks sponsored, give me a great deal of hope. If you haven’t watched the movie, please do. If you love gardening, check out the class. After I hit send on this today, I will be headed to the farmers market to support local growers here in Monterey County.

Some fun things to share today including the perfect meal to make for friends this summer as well as introductions to our newest team member and a company that is doing great work!

Happy Sunday,


The Perfect Summer Pairing with Friends

Watch Chef Norma’s video on how to make this dish!

We have fans nearby as well as across the country. I love that we have a way to share our Perfect Pairing every month whether you are near or far. Chef Norma gets creative with her culinary skills and our Director of Marketing, Jillian, captures it all on video for you. July’s Perfect Pairing is seared salmon with savoy cabbage & orzo pasta in a spiced Dijon cream sauce topped with crispy sweet potato. We have paired this deliciousness with the 2017 medium dry La Chenaie Riesling.

As you may know, we get three of our team members to describe every wine on our website. Their unique perspectives range from our Chef, a sommelier, and a member of our production team. Here is how Tom, a member of our production team, describes the 2017 La Chenaie Riesling.

This is the Perfect Pairing to enjoy outside for dinner with friends this summer! I would love to know your thoughts after you have tried it!

Print the Recipe

This wine comes from a biodynamically farmed vineyard in the Eola Amity Hills. It is one of our favorite sites! Only 125 cases were made of this wine! 

Get the 2017 La Chenaie Riesling!

Meet the Newest Addition to Our Team!

Gardener Shannon Mayhew

I could not be more thrilled to introduce you to Shannon Mayhew! Shannon joined us last month. She is a UC Davis graduate with a degree in Plant Science and a passion for organic and biodynamic farming. In her short time with us already, she not only as brought so much positive impact to our grounds but also to our team. Her knowledge, passion and pursuit for improvement are contagious.

Since we moved to our current location, this was a part-time position. This year, we decided to further our commitment to our biodynamic practices, our animals, our land and our team by making the investment in a full-time position. I am sure Shannon would agree, there is no shortage of work, improvement, room for new ideas and room to grow at Brooks and she is filling the hours easily. 

At Brooks, education is an important part of what we do. Shannon is eager to share with you so much of her knowledge and she will be featured in these emails regularly! When you are visiting, please seek her out and say hello! Join me in welcoming our latest fabulous team addition! 


One of the favorite parts of my job is networking and getting to know others with a similar approach to the world, life and a love of their work. Last year, during COVID, I was introduced to Jonathan Hanson by our friends at 1% For The Planet. Both of our companies are members of 1% For The Planet. He asked me to be interviewed for his podcast, Conquer The Noise. Happily, I did. Since the podcast, we have stayed and touch and kept up with each other’s businesses, sharing stories and ideas. Meetings and check-ins like this fill my cup and keep me pushing ahead with a smile on my face. I want to introduce you to them and their high-quality work, share my podcast episode and share the company that brought us together..

Check out Their Website Here

Listen to the Podcast

Learn About 1% For the Planet

Enjoy your Sunday! Happy to hear from you or cell 831-238-4828.