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Riesling is Bad Ass


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As an adjective, “badass” is defined as: Tough, uncompromising, intimidating. At Brooks, we have built our brand around our commitment to Riesling. So why do we think these terms best describe this noble grape?

Tough: Riesling is cold weather hardy, ripen later and are literally thick skinned.

Uncompromising: Riesling is the truest expression of place—it always clearly reflects the climate and soil it is grown in. It is grown in so many regions around the world.

Intimidating: It is the favorite grape of so many wine professionals because of the wide range of styles it can be made in. It is this very characteristic that makes Riesling confusing and intimidating to the consumer. Riesling can be made as sparkling and anywhere from bone dry to dessert in style. The nomenclature on a German Riesling label is enough to intimidate!

Badass can also indicate “impressive, excellent”. We agree on these points too. There is no better wine to be paired with food. The acid in Riesling can cut through fat, the sweetness in Riesling can take on spice. There is a Riesling to match every dish. Riesling is also one of the most age worthy wines.

In her book that covers 1,368 wine grape varieties, Jancis Robinson states “Riesling is one of the World’s greatest white wine grapes, capable of making particularly geographically expressive and long-lived wines at all levels of sweetness.” She has written many articles about Riesling that you can find at

Please join us December 14th and 15th for our 1st ever Riesling Takeover and see just why Riesling is so badass! We will be happy to tattoo you!

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  1. Bob Mendelson

    Is Janie going to attend the BadAss weekend?
    Bob Mendelson

  2. Bob Mendelson

    Will Janie attend BadAss weekend? How about Pascall?

    1. Janie

      Yes Bob, I will be there. But not Pascal!

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