Snow, Smells and More National Press

Snow, Smells and More National Press


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Dear Friends,

I didn’t intend for my snowy picture of Yellowstone to be a sign of the week to come in Oregon. I made the long drive up here last Monday. Tuesday morning, Heather and I walked the hill. 5 hours later there was snow falling. By mid afternoon, I encouraged the team to go home. Many did. Some were so committed to finishing work that by the time they tried to leave, the conditions were not safe…..for us Oregonians not prepared for snow anyway. And Wednesday, everyone got a paid snow day off. Being 750 feet above the valley floor is great for views, hard for snow. It didn’t last long. It was gone within a couple of days. It was fun while it lasted, but glad to be reopened and see so many guests.

I have some fun things to share today.

Happy Sunday!


What were we thinking when we picked Work Life Essentials and Diana Blank to be our partner for February Beyond Brooks? Like wine, essential oils have been around since ancient times. Like wine, essential oils are harvested from plants at specific times during the growing cycle. The sense of smell plays an important role in the psychological effects of mood, stress and working capacity….like wine.

Join us on February 20th to explore the greatness of essential oils side by side with some of our most aromatic wines. Wine, oils, shipping, webinar together just $99.

Haven’t done Beyond Brooks yet? Here are a few quotes from recurring participants:

“Beyond Brooks had given us an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Brooks wines while also learning about and supporting other like minded businesses who’s products pair exceptionally well with the wine. It has been a highlight of the last few months and a great way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon with friends near and far.” Bill in Illinois

“In a world now filled with online everythings, Beyond Brooks events are SUPERLATIVE! We were impressed from the first one, and now count the days to each consecutive one. We’ve been blown away by what we’ve learned about and tasted from Oregon — a whole new appreciation, and we’re hooked!” Anthony and Georgene in Virginia.


We are very lucky in the wine industry to have the research, data and insight about trends shared with us each year by Silicon Valley Bank. The 2021 report was presented recently and much of what was said made me confident in the efforts we make at Brooks to invest in more than just grapes. Brooks is the only winery in the world to be Demeter Certified for Biodynamics AND a member of 1% For The Planet AND a Certified B Corporation. I love sharing that there are 3,500 Certified B Corporations in the world, 19 are wineries and 9 of those 19 are right here in the Willamette Valley. I am very proud to be included in an article in the Washington Post penned so well by Dave McIntyre. He highlighted us and our friends at Winderlea and how being a B Corporation is an important consideration for purchasers of wine. Read the full article here.


I know I drank my fair share of wine over the holidays. And based on our e-commerce business, so did many of you :). Dry January is over so we put together some fun bundles as well as a collection of the Top Sellers from 2020:

Through the Years Experience: Taste Janus, our flagship, across three different vintages 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Through the Vineyards Experience: Love the wines from 2011? See how they differ based on what type of soil the grapes were grown on.

Terroir Trio: See multiple expressions of fruit character in riesling when it is grown on different soil types. All dry, same winemaker, same vintage different soils.

Want to explore these with our savvy team? Schedule a Virtual Tasting.

I am looking forward to another week at the winery. A lot of rain but no snow in the forecast. I have already eaten my way through Chef Norma’s January menu…all new treats starting tomorrow.

Please reach out any time. or 831-238-4828

Be happy and hopeful,