The Circles of Our Community


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Dear Friends, 

It was a much more productive week as we continue to navigate through these times. My key takeaway and the reason for the Circle of Community theme is that getting through this is all about our relationships–with you, our wonderful supporters, our trade partners in restaurants and retailers though out the US and beyond, our loved ones, our work teams, our families and definitely our pets. 

This community is where we find comfort, friendship, hope and love. There is no greater time than a crisis like this to circle yourself in your community. 

Enjoy these stories!  

Feeling Inspired:  The Story Behind Our Label

Hand-drawn Ouroboros by Pascal circa 2010.

Ouroboros [oor-uh-bohr-uh s] is derived from a Greek word meaning “tail-devourer.” The concept of the ouroboros is very ancient, used in almost all cultures as a symbol of cosmic harmony, eternity, and the cycle of birth and death.

Why is it our logo? Our founder (my brother Jimi) got a tattoo of the ouroboros on his left shoulder in the early 1990’s. It had so much meaning to him that when he started Brooks in 1998, he decided to make it his wine label. The symbolism of it, the circle of life, is still so relevant with the Brooks legacy staying strong. 

In the midst of what is challenging our world today, it inspires us all and reminds us that all of you, our community, is and will stand strong no matter what challenges we all face.

Those Who Stepped Up To Honor Jimi’s Vision

Bottles from the 12 wineries that helped support Brooks for the 2004 harvest

In 2004, when our founder, my brother Jimi, passed away at the age of 38, I was embraced by the Oregon wine community. Twelve wineries took our fruit and made wine for us for free to keep Brooks going. 

In the near term, their decision was driven by wanting to honor the fruit commitments Jimi had made. In the long term, it was to preserve what Jimi frequently said was all he had to pass down to his then 8 year old son, Pascal– the winery. 

Those wineries included Patricia Green Cellars, Bergstrom Wines, Rex Hill, RR, Ransom, Cristom, Westrey, J.K. Carriere, Solena, J. Christopher, Ponzi and Momtazi. To this day, these people are my friends and my community.

To celebrate our 20 year anniversary in 2018, each month we poured a white and a red wine from one of these twelve wineries.  We heard great stories from each of them in interviews. Brooks would not be here today without this circle of friends (think ouroboros). We are forever grateful.

Announcing Weekly Pizza Fridays!

Chef Norma's pizza

In 2014, we didn’t build a typical tasting room. We built a community gathering place. I really believe that life is short and we should take advantage of time for experiences and to create memories. Our local community gathers at Brooks often with one of the most popular events being Pizza Fridays.

As a service to our local community, starting Friday April 3, we will have pizzas for curbside AND delivery from 2pm to 6pm on Fridays. Menu and details coming soon! Our Regular takeout menu will still be available for curbside pick up Saturday-Thursday.

For all of you too far away, we hope you are finding comfort in the to go food provided by your favorite local restaurants. I would be happy to send you a list of Brooks supporters that are doing carryout if you are interested.  The restaurant community needs our help!

The Happenings At Home

Janie's cats, Milo and Dragon curled up together.

I found it quite the coincidence yesterday as i was outlining this email that our two cats were snuggling in this position. Another circle.  

When I am not on the road, I work from home.  This is the longest stretch at home this year.  No wonder I dreamed about staying in hotels last night!  My 18 year old son and 21 year old daughter are here with me.  This shelter in place and being on technology all day is nothing new to them.  My husband still goes into the office (he is the only one there) daily.  We have started a plank and push up challenge.  I am currently in the lead for planking.  My son is in the lead for pushups.  We will see how long this lasts!

Thank you to all who have reached out and please continue to!  My cell and email are below.

Be well my friends while we endure these times.



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