Brooks Virtual Tastings Named Best of the Northwest 2021!

Brooks Virtual Tastings Named Best of the Northwest 2021!


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Believe it or not, prior to COVID, we had a couple of products that brought our tasting room to your living room. With COVID, tastings like these became a much larger part of our business and will continue to. We are VERY honored to be named Best of The Northwest by SIP Magazine for our virtual tastings!

We love virtual events because we get to see so many Brooks friends regardless of where you are in the country. We share wines, food, stories and most of all get that heartfelt satisfaction of getting to know others.  This short video tells you about all the different ways we can connect you, your colleagues, your family, and your loved ones. No group is too big, too small, or in too many locations.

We are committed to making your virtual event a huge success. All you need to do start is get in touch with us by completing the form in the link below or sending an email to It is as simple as that!


Jimi Brooks, Brooks Wine's founder with his son and current owner, Pascal Brooks.
Pascal at age 8 with his dad, our founder, Jimi, just two months before Jimi’s passing in the summer of 2004. They are up at Cascade Head, Oregon, where Pascal and I try to get to annually as iti s also where Jimi’s ashes are.

Over Pascal’s birthday, last month, we announced that on Sunday, February 13th, we would host a zoom and talk to him live. Someone wrote back to me saying that while it would be nice to talk to him, they really wanted to hear about the people working hard at the winery. It made me think that there could be a perception of Pascal that he is that lucky silver-spoon-fed kid. It would be easy to think that if you just knew the side of him that sounds romantic–Pascal owns a winery and currently lives in Paris. The mother in me needs to share more with you. 

To know Pascal is a gift. He has an old soul from losing his father at the age of 8. Since then, he has leaned into male role models in his life like my husband, his uncle and grandfather, his stepfather and so many of Jimi’s close friends who he considers uncles. He began working at a young age and continued employment opportunities in restaurants and farms throughout high school and college.

While his own work ethic was solid, his mother, Bozena, always set the perfect example. She moved to the United States from Poland at the age of 21, not speaking the language nor knowing how to drive. Pascal was just a newborn baby. She proceeded to get 3 college degrees (including a Masters) and is currently a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Pittsburgh. She served 4 years in the US Navy Reserve as a lieutenant. Bozena is an excellent mother and friend.

Today, Pascal runs a farm for a restaurant group in France. He has worked harvest every year that he has been out of school. He is likely the most well-read person I know (maybe outside of his dad) and always will be found with at least 2 books and a journal in his bag. He got two degrees from UC Santa Cruz. He has been fortunate to travel with a mother from and family still in Poland, a stepfather from Denmark, and a partner from France. 

The conversation we will have with him next Sunday is sure to surprise and delight. I hope you will join us!


Last month, I made Chef Norma’s Crispy Pork Belly Tacos. This month, she is at it again. This month’s Perfect Pairing is roasted pork tenderloin with crispy Brussels sprouts, herbed couscous, and a pomegranate demi-glace, paired with the 2018 La Chenaie Pinot Noir. Video and recipe below!