horns and shovel on dirt

Digging in the Dirt


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As a Biodynamic® vineyard, we get a lot of questions about our soil practices. Since we think this is a practice that can benefit your garden at home, we wanted to share some details.

In preparation for the new growing season, it’s important to have replaced the necessary nutrients our vines require (used partially or in whole last vintage.) Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other elements, along with water and sunlight, feed the vines and eventually become the backbone for quality grapes. Part of being a biodynamic winery and vineyard is providing these nutrients organically through a compost mixture.

For our compost we will use a combination of cow manure, hay, and ground wood chip. Then inserted into the compost will be a combination of:

  • BD#502 Yarrow: Allows plants to attract trace elements in very small quantities for optimal nutrition.
  • BD#503 Chamomile: Stabilizes nitrogen within the compost and increases soil life, stimulating plant growth.
  • BD#504 Nettle: Stimulates soil health, enlivens the earth.
  • BD#505 Oakbark: Provides healing forces to combat disease.
  • BD#506 Dandelion: Stimulates relations between Silicon and Potassium.
  • BD#507 Valerian: Stimulates compost helping the soil to properly utilize phosphorus.

All of the preparations are inserted into the compost, completing our mix and insuring that the compost will contain these properties. Brooks will be making this compost in the late spring and throughout the summer months, finally applying it in the fall just after harvest.

“This would be a great project for the home gardener to add a little enlivenment to their compost,” notes Chris Williams. Why not start your own today?