Grilled Cheese so Good It Gives Back?

Grilled Cheese so Good It Gives Back?

Doing Good, In the Kitchen

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Dear Friends,

Where ever you are in the US, I hope this finds you safe from weather conditions and with power. What a crazy couple of weeks of weather. Let’s hope things recover quickly.

We are busy around the winery. Chris and the team are working on blending the 2019 Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs. The tasting room team is taking great care of our guests now that we have reopened and the ice is gone. Heather has a new full time assistant to ensure the best Wine Club service as they get the Winter Shipment ready. And Norma is cooking up the delicious February menu and people are falling in love with that grilled cheese!


It is Club shipment time! As I have mentioned many times throughout COVID, support in all forms of purchasing has been very valuable to Brooks. The Wine Club has been our lifeline and there are many reasons that if you buy our wine, you should consider joining one of our clubs. I am trying to get as creative as I can with benefits to make being a member as attractive as possible.

Like all wine clubs, we offer discounts on wine, shipping, special events (pre-COVID and hopefully again soon), and other perks. New in 2021:

– We have added a cheese pairing add on including a webinar with Sheri Allen, Cheese Professional, myself, and the owner of the featured creamery! I personally cannot wait to gather Wine Club Members for this event!
– We have allocated our “hidden gems” to Wine Club only. These are super small production non-riesling and non-pinot noir wines. They include Syrah, Petite Syrah, Tempranillo, and dry Muscats to name a few. Check them out here.
– We have doubled down on our club member referral program–$50 gift card AND a chance to enter the sweepstakes to win cool prizes (see below for current sweepstakes prize).

Want to do a Virtual Tasting with me? Wine Club members do not have to pay the event fee!
And coming soon (shhh, we haven’t announced it yet….loyalty points!).
Here is the next sweepstakes prize:

Between now and the end of March when a new Wine Club Member is referred, the referring Member will have a chance to win a Corvin Model 3 with two additional gas cartridges, two Brooks logo wine glasses, and a Brooks logo wine opener. Total value: $225. And we will be giving away 20 sets! So the chances are high to win!

Check out our newly revamped Wine Club page here. Have questions? Email our Director of Wine Club Happiness at Want to hear from our Members? Watch this video. Join our Wine Club Family today!


The Yamhill County Action Partnership (YCAP) is part of a nationwide network of social service agencies designed to improve the lives of low-income people and strengthen communities. For the second year in a row, we are participating in their “Meltdown” fundraiser. Thirty eating establishments in Yamhill County, including our winery, have created a special grilled cheese sandwich for their menu. $2 for every sandwich sold in the month of February will be given to YCAP. Last year, Chef Norma sold THE MOST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES! We sold 421 sandwiches and donated over $800.

Norma is determined to win again! The weather was against us since we had to close for 5 days this month. So how can you help? If you are local, come eat a grilled cheese sandwich! Not local? Buy the wine we pair with this grilled cheese, 2017 Muska Riesling, and make the grilled cheese at home! I will donate $5 for every bottle of 2017 Muska Riesling sold in February to YCAP. And double bonus, this wine is part of the Grower Relief Fund!

Here is Norma’s recipe:

Ingredients: (Makes 1 Sandwich)
2 Slices Bread (Como Bread is what I like to use)
1 oz sliced Cantal Jeune cheese
1 oz Extra sharp cheddar cheese
1 tbsp Olive oil
1 Garlic clove, whole

Heat your oven to 400. Oil each side of the bread and gently toast it oil side down until golden brown. Remove the bread from the pan and place both pieces toasted side down on a sheet pan. divide the cheese evenly onto both sides and place in the oven for 3-5 minutes. Immediately after place the two sides together and let side for one more minute. Gently take the raw garlic clove and rub it on the top of both sides of the bread, cut it in half, and enjoy!


It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of February. Spring is coming and soon, I hope! Rumor has it we may get the go-ahead to reopen indoors next week. I am so happy to see the cases continuing to decrease in Oregon. Fingers crossed! Being open outdoors only has been comedic some days like today. It started beautifully and then a quick dump of hail and rain landed upon our guests and then it was back to blue skies!

Have a Happy Sunday!

If you need me: or cell 831-238-4828.

Be well,