Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you all healthy and safe. It was another busy work week. I would be afraid to clock my work hours during this time. My weeks used to be filled with the distraction of travel. My distraction now seems to be virtual events. And boy, am I on cloud nine after our Beyond Brooks event yesterday. Beyond Brooks brought together over 150 people from all over the country. More on this below.

Happy Sunday!

The Thrill of Victory

It might sound crazy, but the joy that I have in my heart and mind today from the Beyond Brooks event yesterday is overwhelming. The idea for Beyond Brooks was to create an entertaining and educational event. I wanted to expose our loyal fans to other amazing people, products, and brands.

To see an idea come to fruition and hear the feedback from all that attended yesterday is SO thrilling for me. The acknowledgment of the effort and time we invested from selecting our partners to creating the content to event execution means so much to me. Attendees understood the connective tissue between Brooks, Rogue Creamery, and the authors of the book Reinventing the Wheel. I love that attendees learned so much. And, by the way, the wine and cheese pairings were off the charts!

Of course, the content and pairings were the core of the event. But the additional value that comes out of this is what melts my heart. Someone said it was the best day they have had during COVID. It was how one person celebrated their 60th birthday. It was a wonderful merger of fans of Rogue Creamery that now know Brooks and vice versa. People are sharing this and gifting this with friends and family. Seeing the social interaction on the chat makes me so happy. It truly lifted people’s spirits to be a part of the event. To be able to bring happy moments to anyone during this time is a victory to me. I hope you will join in the fun in the new year.


Join me on the journey to learn all about fermented tea. We will learn about tea, how kombucha is made, how it relates to wine and finish by making sangria.

Matt Thomas, founder of Brew Dr Kombucha, is the leader and trendsetter in producing this healthy beverage. A Portland-based company, Brew Dr is very like minded to Brooks as Brew Dr is a certified B Corporation and a member of 1% For the Planet!

For just $99, this bundle includes:
1 bottle of 2019 Brooks Estate Pinot Gris
1 bottle of 2017 Brooks Crannel Pinot Noir
2 cans each of Brew Dr. Kombucha Love and Superberry
Brew Dr. oolong and chamomile hot tea
A Webinar on Saturday, January 16th at 1PM PST/4PM EST with Matt Thomas, Founder of Brew Dr, Janie Heuck, Managing Director of Brooks and Master of Wine, Bree Stock

We can’t wait to explore the mystical, magical world of kombucha with you!


Gifts That Go With Wine

Obviously, we have plenty of wine for gifts. We also put together some great things to go with that bottle during this holiday season. A little something for everyone!

Brooks Fleece Blanket

Get ready to snuggle with you custom Brooks lambswool microsherpa throw blanket! This blanket is luxuriously soft.
Reversible-self hemmed throw.



Enjoy Your Time

Who isn’t doing puzzles during COVID? Gift one of these 1,000-piece, custom Brooks puzzles! Available puzzles:

  • Brooks Collage
  • Brooks Tasting Room

$40 each



Some Good Reads

Vintage is a fun fiction novel written by David Baker, the producer of American Wine Story (on Amazon prime). I really enjoyed it. Katherine Cole wrote VooDoo Vintners, an easy read about biodynamics. The forward acknowledges Jimi’s leadership around this farming method for wine grapes. And our dear friend, Stuart Piggot, who is as passionate about Riesling as we are, shares his love of the grape in The Best White Wine on Earth.

$15 each




We have a lot to offer this holiday season. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Fed Ex and UPS have never been busier! Don’t delay! Shop today!


Some of my favorite ornaments

After having our tree up for 10 days, I finally got the ornaments on. I love to decorate the tree at night. While Jimi lived in Poland, he would send me and my parents glass ornaments. I have some of Jimi’s and all of my parents. Every box that I open brings forth a memory.

What holiday do you celebrate this time of year? What are your traditions? I would love to know!

[email protected] or my cell 831-238-4828.

Stay healthy and hopeful,


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