Dear Friends,

Happy Spring! It was gray skies that drizzled rain most of this week where I am in California. Yesterday, it felt wonderful to get outside for a hike at one of my favorite places. The week’s weather was evident from the slippery paths but more so from all the brand new, bright green foliage sprouting from the ground and all over the plants and trees. It was beautiful and a reminder of the new season ahead.

It was a busy week. I, like so many others in the US, got my first vaccination this week. I had many meetings planning for future events and had 3 Virtual Tastings. It is hard to put into words how proud I feel of these events. One was with a large company whose team has done virtual events every other week for almost and year and told me that mine was the most fun of all the events they have done. And yesterday, I hosted 3 generations from one family for a Riesling Terroir Spring Fling! There is no slowing down…six virtual events scheduled for this upcoming week!

Happy Sunday!


Riesling is the greatest white wine on earth! I did not know that before I started at Brooks. I, like so many others, thought of Riesling as a cloyingly sweet, syrupy wine. It took me a few years after Jimi passed away to understand that Brooks was one of a handful, out of hundreds of wineries in the Willamette Valley, to focus on Riesling as its primary white varietal. Why would Jimi pick a varietal that was scarcely planted and to most wine consumers, so misunderstood? And then, in 2007, I had my “aha moment”.

I was at the Riesling Rendezvous, an educational event including Riesling producers from all over the world. The agenda was daunting: 3 sessions a day with 100 rieslings to blind taste. How could there be that much difference in one varietal that would be observable and distinctive? Not to mention, I was a novice in wine and wondered if the wine would be wasted on me. By the end of day 1, tasting wines produced by famous wineries from all over the world grown on different soil types and made in different styles, the light bulb went on! I understood just how versatile and age-worthy and delicious Riesling is. I understood Jimi’s mission to restore the reputation of Riesling in Oregon. I understood the work that I needed to do to ensure Brooks was known on the world stage for Riesling.

In her book that covers 1,368 wine grape varieties, international wine critic, Jancis Robinson, says it best. “Riesling is one of the World’s greatest white wine grapes, capable of making particularly geographically expressive and long-lived wines at all levels of sweetness.”

Riesling is the favorite wine of most sommeliers and wine critics around the globe. And our team? Hear what they have to say.

Some of you are reading this and saying “Yep, I love Riesling and that is how I found Brooks and why I love Brooks.” Some of you are thinking, “Riesling, nope, I don’t like sweet wine”. Riesling is one of the few varietals that can be made in a wide range of styles. That is one of its amazing attributes but also why it is so misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with a sweet Riesling that is well made. “Riesling is sweet” is by far the most common objection I hear. So let’s prove that wrong. The perfect gateway wine to help you see the light is a delicious dry Riesling perfect to celebrate Spring!

Since we released this wine last fall, we have sold 300 of the 400 cases. If you think you don’t like Riesling, this is the perfect place to start. If you are a Riesling fan, you know that less than a handful of domestic producers make a Traditional Method Sparkling Dry Riesling and how rare and delicious this is. If you already know you love this wine, stock up before it is sold out. Let Spring celebrations begin!



In 16 years of being in the wine industry, I have converted non riesling drinkers to being riesling lovers. It happens one person at a time. We continue to always have Riesling on our flights in the tasting room to share with our guests. In a world where I cannot pour it in your glass around the country, I have been using virtual tastings to spread the word and make new believers. With over 20 different rieslings in every possible style in our portfolio, I promise there is a riesling for you! If you already love Riesling, I want to hear the story of your “aha moment”. For those on the fence, I challenge you to give Riesling a try and I want to hear from you once you have had your “aha moment”.

Everyone who shares their “aha moment” with me between now and the end of March will get a gift from me.

Share Your “Aha Moment” With Janie


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Today is the FINAL day to order the cheese add-on for the Wine Club Cheese and Wine Pairing event this Thursday at 4pm PST. The link to the event will be sent to you this week. I had a great planning meeting with Sheri Allen, our Master of Cheese, and Brit Welsh, the Cheesemaker at BeeHive Cheese. The wines for the event in your winter shipment (4&6 bottle) members are the 2017 Vitae Springs Riesling and the 2016 Cahiers Pinot Noir. For all 12 bottle members who don’t get a winter shipment, you are welcome to participate get the wines and cheese.


Questions about the Wine and Cheese event? Email [email protected]

I am going to catch my breath today with a little downtime. I get to enjoy a daytime a date with my husband along the beautiful California Coast. I hope you have a restful and relaxing day as well.

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