Dear Friends,

The outpouring of support last week was overwhelming, in a good way. Not just the celebratory emails I received from so many of you, but all the 2018 Red Letter Pinot Noir we sold. Most importantly was the reminder for me that every day is precious and should be lived with intention.

Since the day we saw a rainbow at the vineyard during Jimi’s memorial service, we have nicknamed rainbows “Jimbows”. They always appear at important times…the day we broke ground on our new winery, the day we opened the new winery. We have seen so many. But guess what happened last Sunday, on what would have been Jimi’s 55th birthday and the day we released the 2018 Red Letter in honor of him? A DOUBLE JIMBOW!

As always, so much to share today! Happy Sunday!


During COVID, I have strategically planned my trips to Oregon to try to benefit from 2 months of menus from Chef Norma in one stay. I was very successful in January and February and ate my way through both menus. I won’t be going to Oregon in March so the only way I will get to sample the menu is making it myself. I have been craving this month’s Perfect Pairing for weeks. That will all end tonight as we are making it for dinner! Here is the recipe. It is always fun to watch Norma’s instruction in her monthly videos. Shout out to Chef Norma and our Director of Marketing, Jillian, for making these excellent videos each month!

“Big Bird” Banh Mi Chicken Sandwich paired with the 2017 Sweet P Riesling

Events are back at the winery and the calendar is up through April on the website and can be found here. We are of course following all COVID rules to execute these safely! If you are local or are going to be in Oregon on March 26th, don’t miss our Winemaker Dinner. The production team selected the wines and will be there to meet our guests as well as pour some surprises from the cellar. Chef Norma crafted the menu around the wines and it is going to be fabulous! Check out the menu here.



Yesterday we had another super successful Beyond Brooks. Our partner was Nossa Familia Coffee. What an amazing company. It was entertaining and very educational as well! From brewing trips to talking about organizing and wine and coffee international trip, there was no lull in the conversation!

Our event in April is one you should not miss if you have spent money at Brooks since 2019. As you know, we donate 1% of our gross revenues (not profits) to 1% For The Planet, a non profit that has given back over $270M to the environment. As a member, we get to direct what nonprofit receives our money. For two years now, we have partnered with Kiss The Ground (KTG). KTG supports farmers, ranchers, and land stewards from around the globe in their transition to Regenerative practices that heal the soil, revive ecosystems, increase farmer wellbeing, and help balance the climate. Join us to gain a better understanding of where 1% of your money goes when you buy Brooks! Unlike other Beyond Brooks events, this one starts with a watch party movie night before the webinar!

This bundle includes:

  • 1 bottle of 2018 Brooks Pinot Noir with special Kiss the Ground label
  • 1 bottle of 2019 Brooks White Blend with special Kiss the Ground label
  • Quinn Movie Night Box: 9 bags of microwave popcorn, 9 oil packets and 9 seasoning packets (3 real butter & sea salt, 3 aged parmesan & rosemary and 3 white cheddar & sea salt)
  • Kiss the Ground Movie Watch Party on Friday, April 9th (available on Netflix)
  • Webinar with Ryland Engelhart, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kiss the Ground, Janie Heuck, Managing Director of Brooks and Master of Wine, Bree Stock on Saturday, April 10th at 1pm PST/4pm EST

Cost per pack: $99

Cutoff for orders is April 1st.


April, our new Director of Business Development, and I continue to stay busy doing Virtual Events and people are LOVING THEM! Who are these perfect for?

  • Friends and family that you miss having a glass of wine, or two, with.
  • Your wine group, book club or other hobby groups that you aren’t able to see in person.
  • Your wine trip travel buddies that you haven’t been able to take a trip with for the last year. 
  • Your company employees to team build and show appreciation.
  • Your clients who you haven’t been able to entertain in person this year.
  • Anyone who is curious about wine and Brooks and wants to know more.

Already done one with us? We are offering a $50 gift card for referrals!

We would love to spend time with you!


My heart is full and I am so appreciative for your love and support. Thank you. It is energizing and motivating. And I love hearing from you! So please reach out any time. [email protected] or 831-238-4828.