The French Connection

The French Connection


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Dear Friends,

Good morning from Amity, Oregon. The sun is out this morning for the first time since I arrived on Tuesday. It is a beautiful morning and hopefully a sign of the week to come. I just love it when the valley below us is socked in with fog and the mountains are out.

We have our all-company meeting this coming Friday to go over what happened last year and what the goals are for the year ahead.  Each year,  I have new team members take the Enneagram Personality Test and share their results with all of their colleagues. We will hear from all of our team leaders (Winemaking, Marketing, Wine Club, Business Development and Education, Hospitality, Garden) Once the business is done, we will celebrate the year behind and the year to ahead dinner and wine at a new event space that is run by some of our favorite chefs.

There is always a special day in January which is Pascal’s birthday. He turned 26 on the 6th.  He wrote you all a note this week.

Happy Sunday!


Hello Everyone,
Today marks my 26th birthday—crazy how time seems to fly—but also about the 3rd year that I’ve lived out here in France. Though I’ve spent much of my time here under COVID restrictions, I’ve still managed to make my best of the situation, traveling where I could alongside my partner and “local” guide, Lola. Though the stereotype would serve well that I spend all day drinking coffee in bistros along the Seine, I’ve spent most of my time here working and learning. ‘Love what you do, and you may never work a day in your life’ is the adage and it feels that way. When I’m not working harvest or pruning in Alsace and Champagne, as I’ve done these past two years, I’m working for the Paris based restaurant Verjus, setting up and operating their market garden. This has been a particularly exciting adventure for me, furthering my passion for teaching and growing food. It has sharpened my skills immeasurably and I’m grateful for how it’s expanded my own understanding of ecology and agriculture through our raising of chickens and bees alongside veggies. I’m fascinated always to learn more and am making plans to pursue an associate’s degree out here in winemaking. Though it may be in the classroom that one pursues an education, I particularly look forward to being around those that are passionate about wine, hoping to gain an understanding of wine that only comes from knowledgeable and driven folks. Here in France, people say ‘Happy New Year’ for the next month or so, and, keeping in that tradition, here’s wishing you all a good start to 2022. Santé! 


Many of you ask about Pascal, what he is doing, what his plans are. While we are not planning on him returning for a few years to the United States, he and I thought it would be nice to do a regular check in with him. Announcing The French Connection! On February 13 at 11 am PST, we will join Pascal from France and chat. It will be on zoom and available to everyone who is interested. Join Pascal and I for casual conversation!


As many of your know, back on Pascal’s 21st birthday, he created his first wine label named Cahiers (“Ky Yay”). Cahiers means notebook or journal in French and this label is a tribute to Pascal’s connection to his dad, Jimi who passed away when Pascal was 8 years old. Pascal relies on Jimi’s journals to learn about and understand his dad better. The connection to Jimi through his journals is so meaningful to Pascal that he named the wine Cahiers.

There is a Cahiers pinot noir that is all 115 clone from our Estate, Muska Vineyard and Crannell Vineyard. There is also a riesling. When I asked Chris how he approached making this wine he said “I made a wine I thought Pascal would enjoy”. The riesling’s sweetness is mirrored with bright acidity.

Not only does Pascal enjoy these wines, I do too! I am sending these wines to Pascal for The French Connection conversation. Grab these wines or the drink of your choice to enjoy during the conversation. Complimentary ground shipping on the bundle.



As I write this, I see a new fence going in to frame the home of new gardens on our grounds. As always, Shannon is busy! I love her January reflections.
“Hope is in a seed. As we gather our seeds around us, preparing for the spring and summer sowing, it’s easy to lose awareness of all that a seed can hold. No bigger than an ant, seeds contain all that is needed for a small plant to emerge…….”


To everyone nearby, come see us and enjoy the January tasting flight and menu. It is always quiet after the holidays so it is a great time to come in! And if you do this week, I will be here! Book your reservation here.

I hope everyone has a great week! Always here for you! or cell 831-238-4828.