Dear Friends,

Wherever you are, I hope you are staying cool. We are in an extreme heat situation this weekend in Oregon. At the winery, we had to close our outdoor areas as well as limit the equipment being used in the kitchen. We added seating in production where it is nice and cool. The high is supposed to be 111 today. I cannot remember temperatures being over 100 in June in Oregon ever. Stay safe all!

Yesterday, Governor Brown announced that all COVID rules will be lifted as of 70% vaccination rate or Wednesday, June 30th, whichever is first. It includes eliminating masks, capacity, and social distancing requirements. With our expanded summer seating, we are pretty set but I would like to bring back a couple of barstools for our regulars who have missed them so.

I had a fun week. I spent two days on a virtual Board meeting for WineAmerica, the national lobbying entity for the US wine industry. I am currently Board Chair and had the honor to introduce Senator Wyden, Senator Merkley, and Representative Speier. We also heard from Representative Thompson and Representative Newhouse. One of the big topics discussed was the United States Postal Service (USPS) Shipping Equity Act which would allow the USPS to deliver WINE! This hopefully will add some competition on shipping rates and it will help both wineries and customers who don’t live in areas regularly serviced by UPS and FedEx but do get daily deliveries from the USPS.

Today, I am writing this from Long Beach. We are here to visit with my son, Ryan and took a visit to Catalina Island. A little-known fact about me…I love boats. I don’t want to own one but I will be a passenger anytime!

Lots of fun things to share today!


[email protected] and 831-238-4828.


As many of you know, when I decided to not make a 2020 vintage due to our grapes being tainted by smoke, I committed to taking care of our growers. Most of our growers did not have crop insurance. As we know, nothing like this had ever happened before in the Willamette Valley. In addition to the money I paid to our growers, you all helped us raise funds by contributing to our Grower Relief Fund. Every single vineyard wine and others purchased from October 1st-June 30th helped to raise money for our growers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our growers are happy, you are happy and we are all looking forward to 2021!

And not to worry, your continued purchases will still allow us to contribute to 1% For The Planet and Kiss The Ground, let alone allow our business and our awesome team that continue to do great things! Your support means the world!



A while back, I asked for your input about additional club benefits and ideas that would make Brooks the BEST Wine Club in America. Many of you said we already are! Thank you for that! Although we heard all 60 pages of your thoughts and are slowly getting your thank you gifts out, in the meantime, we are acting on your awesome ideas!

A consistent comment was requesting information as to when to drink the Brooks wines. We did a bunch of research looking at what all the critics have said over the years about when to drink our wines. Then, we factored in what we know about the vintage and what we have experienced with the wines through our recent tastings. And while nothing is perfect, this should be a great guide for you! As you drink through your Brooks collection, please let us know if you agree with what we have said about a particular vintage.

Want to download it? Here is a link. Want it in a poster format? We are happy to send you a copy to hang in your cellar. Just email [email protected]

Want to find out what wines are available from the drink now vintages for purchase? Again, email [email protected] and she will help you out!


Two of my friends in the wine industry launched a program called A Balanced Glass a few years ago. While it was initially aimed at wine professionals and how we can achieve a healthy balance in an indulgent industry, it has become a resource for people looking for any sort of balance in their lives. It is written by two women who I have a ton of respect for in wine and how they lead their lives, Rebecca Hopkins and Cathy Huyghe. Every week an email comes out with some tips and advice, reading recommendations and a feature on a wine professional. This week I was featured and I am so very honored! I am excited too to try The Morning Pages that they discuss!



Since the beginning of the year, we have had a two part Wine Club referral program. Part 1: Refer someone to join the club and get a $50 gift certificate. Part 2: Refer someone OR join the club and be entered into a raffle for an awesome prize. Right now, and for one more week, this amazing gardening basket is. the prize!

It includes:
Cedar birdhouse
Brooks logo Opinel wooden garden knife
Hummingbird feeder
Tin garden sign
Citronella candle
Organic vegetable seeds mix
Sunflower seeds
Nasturtium seeds
Solar string light
2 Brooks go vino glasses
Brooks logo water bottle
2 Brooks metal straws
Wildflower seed packs
Garden gloves

Only 6 baskets were made with love from Heather, the Director of Wine Club Happiness herself! Email her if you have questions! [email protected]