We Have Raised the Bar Again on Doing the Right Thing!

We Have Raised the Bar Again on Doing the Right Thing!


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Dear Friends,

It was a great final week in Amity. It was exciting to talk with the production team about how smoothly the 2021 vintage went as well as how excited they are about the wines. I got to try a few too. The Rose and Pinot Blanc are stunning! We planned all of our events for 2022 including an exciting new cooking class. I ate my way through Norma’s food pairings for the month.

I am very excited to share a new program that we are now a part of. Together we can make a greater impact.

Happy Sunday! 


Since we began Biodynamic farming in the early 2000s, Brooks has always been a believer in giving back. In 2019, we added two more commitments-becoming a Certified B Corporation and a Member of 1% For the Planet. I am very excited to announce a NEW fourth commitment of giving: We joined Ecologi! Ecologi provides the vehicle to direct vital funding to climate solutions around the world.

Our profile on Ecologi that gets updated daily by transactions on the website or in the tasting room.

COMPENSATING OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT: The funds Brooks gives to Ecologi are invested into a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All projects are certified at the highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent. Current projects that Brooks is currently funding through Ecologi include:

  • Preserving Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil.
  • Solar power generation in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, India

TREE PLANTING: It is well known that planting trees is one of the most effective tools to fix the climate crisis as well as prevent ecological collapse. Current projects that Brooks is currently funding through Ecologi include:

  • Reforestation projects in Mozambique
  • Mangrove planting in Madagascar
  • Planting responsibly in Bosawas, Nicaragua

In addition, I signed up Brooks to be a climate-positive workforce by committing funds to offset the carbon footprint of every employee we have.


My baby trees on Ecologi. They grow over time and on the site, you can click on any tree and see where it was planted!

I was so excited to get started with this, I went and looked at our recent revenues and wine club members and purchased trees. The program also has you set goals. I have set one for ALL of us through the end of 2021.


Here is how to plant more trees:

  • For every order over $50 through the website and in the tasting room, Brooks will plant 1 tree. This includes the purchase of wine, food, and all merchandise items at Brooks.
  • Join the wine club and Brooks will plant 15 trees.
  • Stay a wine club member and Brooks will plant 25 trees as an anniversary gift. Plus the dollars for your shipment will plant trees too!
  • Refer a wine club member and Brooks will plant 15 trees. That will be in addition to the current gift of 2 stemless glasses, a wine opener, and the $50 gift card.
  • Do a Virtual Tasting Experience and Brooks will plant 50 trees.
  • Sign up for Ecologi for yourself, your business or as a gift for someone special, Ecologi will plant you AND Brooks each 30 trees. You must use this link.



Many of you love Chef Norma’s recipes. We would love for you to incorporate some of her dishes during this holiday season. We have a link here to a great collection for you! Enjoy!


It feels great to be home for Thanksgiving! Enjoy your week and reach out if you need me! janie@brookswine.com or cell 831-238-4828.